When considering a new apartment in Kingsport, it is helpful to know the city's history and its character.




Situated on the convergence of the north and south forks of the Holston River, Kingsport, Tennessee is known as the “Model City”.  Originally known as “King’s Port” for its location on the river, it is one of the largest components of the Tri-Cities area with a population of 48,205 residents.  


The area was first inhabited by the Cherokee, followed by Colonial settlers, and was finally officially chartered in 1822.  The city flourished until the Civil War.  During the war, a group of 300 Kingsport Confederate soldiers famously held off a larger Union attack for several days.  Unfortunately, due to damage sustained from the Civil War Kingsport lost its charter.  It was re-chartered in 1917 and city’s layout was changed, ensuring a bright future for Kingsport.  


John Nolen, a prominent architect and city planner, was the force behind Kingsport’s new design and revitalization.  Having already planned cities such as Savannah, Georgia and San Diego, California, his skilled design restored Kingsport and made it a beautiful modern city.  


Today, Kingsport remains an important Eastern Tennessee city with lush scenery and a fascinating cultural history.  
















Kingsport is home to a variety of interesting cultural and recreational attractions.  Its location in the Appalachian Mountains makes it ideal for outdoors enthusiasts while its lengthy history provides an educational experience for those of all ages.  Kingsport’s proximity to its Tri-City counterparts increases the opportunities for residents and visitors to explore northeast Tennessee.


The area is perfect for those who love spending time outdoors.  Bays Mountain Park is a fantastic place for the whole family to enjoy and learn about nature.  The park has a planetarium, an adventure ropes course, and animal habitats where visitors can see wolves and bobcats as well as other animals in the nature reserve.  The vast Appalachian Trail runs through northeast Tennessee for over a hundred miles (out of the trail’s lengthy two thousand miles).  It is perfect for a day hike or a weekend backpack trip for those who are not up for the full six month journey.  Closer to town is Warrior’s Path State Park, which is only several minutes outside of downtown Kingsport.    


Historical places of interest, some of which dates back to the early 1800’s, are found scattered around the city of Kingsport.  The Netherland Inn is a local favorite.  The house was built in 1802 as a boatyard, but soon after converted into an inn and now serves as a museum to show visitors the early frontier way of life.  The Exchange Place is a living history farm where visitors can learn about the nineteenth century way of life in East Tennessee.  Visitors are educated on integral domestic skills, such as weaving and candle-making, which were necessary for everyday life in the 1800’s.  The Hammond House is another glimpse back in Kingsport’s history.  It is a beautiful example of Victorian era architecture and decorating which is available for tours.  Another fantastic architectural specimen, The Allandale Mansion, is a breathtaking estate, which was home to Ruth and Harvey Brooks of Kingsport before it was left to the city in the late 1960’s.  It now serves as a venue for public events and is available for weddings and other gatherings.  


For lovers of the arts, Kingsport has a variety of entertaining and educational options.  The Kingsport Theatre Guild is a long standing community theater with a year-round calendar of performances to keep the whole family entertained.  The Kingsport Ballet is the city’s ballet school, which not only hosts traditional ballet productions, but also workshops and events for children as well.  The Ballet center is home to an art gallery and offers yoga and physical therapy classes.  Kingsport ARTS is a wonderful non-profit organization created to promote and support the arts with educational programs,  events, and even city beautification.  The Kingsport ARTS group hosts many programs, especially for children, which help nurture creativity and build confidence.  For a night accompanied by music, The Symphony of the Mountains is a long standing city symphony which plays classic and contemporary pieces.   The Voices of the Mountains choral group and the youth symphony program are affiliates of the symphony which perform and provide educational programs.  



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